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When Valuation Is Required

Valuation may be required, when:

- You are going to enter a civil law agreement or economic contract;

- You need to have the capital assets be valued and revalued to regulate business accounting process of the Company;

- Your company is going to lien on the property (including immovable property) to obtain a loan or investment;

- You are going to rent or purchase a state (public) property;

- You need to have the capital assets of the company be revalued at the fair value in order to bring it to conformity with the requirements of the international financial reporting standards;

- You possess intellectual property, for example, a patent invention or know-how, but you do not know how to settle the relations with company, which uses your intellectual property;

- You are going to use the property (or intellectual property) as the authorized capital of the company;

- You do not have relevant documents for the property, which you possess, and you want to register it as assets of the company;

- You need to have a valuation report be updated;

- Your company needs the debts to be settled with the property (including immovable property), or someone is going to pay their debts to your Company with the property (including immovable property);

- Your company is undergoing transformation, liquidation or bankruptcy;

- You are going to start your own business, for example, to have your company registered or re-registered;

- You need to deal with the issues related to antitrust legislation;

- You need to have a comprehensive valuation of the efficiency of future investments or determine expediency of a particular project

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