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Under partnership agreement ą01/08-07-01 dd. 01.08.2007 Auditing firm «Business Management Consulting Group» is a part of consortium «STEPTSOTSENKA – UKRAINE».

For the purpose of the performance of its professional activity Auditing firm “Business Management Consulting Group” LLC is registered with:

- the Register of auditing firms and auditors (Certificate No.4021 dated 20.07.2007);

- The Register of auditing firms, which are authorized to audit financial institutions in the field regulated by the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine (Certificate No. 001440 dated 28.02.2008);

- The Register of auditing firms, which are authorized to audit financial institutions active in the security market (Certificate No. 000648 dated 31.01.2008).

Our Company renders the following auditing services:


- Statutory (obligatory) audit;

- Non-obligatory audit (audit as per a special request, audit on particular reporting elements, forms of statements etc.);

- audit for tax purposes


- audit on business performance (to obtain a license);

- comprehensive audit for the purpose of validation and completeness of the annual balance statement;

- audit on particular directions of activity


- Audit on business activity of companies (as per request of privatization commission);

- Property appraisal and analysis of financial and economic state of the privatized company;

- Verification of the assigned balance sheet;

- Audit on settlements of budgetary payments;

- Assessment of the reliability of business accounting in companies.

Fields of audit, forms of opinions and statements are determined in compliance with the requirements established by the International Audit Standards, applicable legislation of Ukraine and agreements with the Customers.

Auditing firm “Business Management Consulting Group” LLC conducts audits on the basis of professional audit standards according to the Ukrainian legislation and requirements of the local authorities.

For convenience of the Customers, the Company conducts quarter, semi-annual, nine months and annual audits, which enable accounting departments to avoid breaking their normal working mode for too long and to assure a more prompt correction of errors in the book-keeping process.

We are also ready to participate in prompt settling of any problem or non-standard situations.

In order to agree to the advisable amount of work and to arrange a team of relevant number and expertise, a free of charge expert review is provided to the Customer on site, which virtually means a diagnostics of the state of legal, business accounting and financial performance.

For more information, please call:

tel. /fax: +38 044 245 50 08, 361 49 51, 361 49 52; +38 (067) 996 89 03.

We are always happy to have fruitful and long-term relations!

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