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"INSURANCE TOP TEN" is a part of the Consortium Spetsocenka - UKRAINE under partnership agreement No. 26/08/09-01 dated 26.08.2008.
"INSURANCE TOP TEN" ("I T LLC") is an insurance brokerage company, which provides services to the Top 10 companies in each industry at the Ukrainian market. By cooperating with "I T LLC", our Clients get a complete outsourcing of their concerns in the filed of insurance, which, as a result, minimizes their financial and timing expenditures for insurance.
Services provided by our Company
-      When providing corporate insurance, allocation of risks on the basis of price-and-quality principle by conducting tenders among insurance companies;
-      Development of optimal insurance coverage for car parking lots of corporate clients;
-      Creation of individual insurance products for our clients owners and top-managers of the companies.
-      Representing our Clients interests, when dealing with insurance companies;
-      Providing advise on any insurance issues;
-      Conducting expert examination of insurance agreements;
-      Maintenance of documentation, data bases of agreements and losses, providing support and timely updating of insurance agreements;
-      settling insurance cases;
-      Permanent monitoring of insurance market in order to assure maximum reliability of insurance programs developed for our Clients.
Mission of "IT LLC"
To struggle for leadership in growth rate and market share of brokerage services provided to the Ukrainian corporations by:
-      Providing the best quality services, building confidential relations with Clients by minimizing their financial and timing expenditures;
-      Developing a highly effective team with the best potential at the market;
-      Creating a company with the qualitative and systematic management.
Property Insurance
Property insurance against fire, insurance natural hazard and other risks
One of the main fields of specialization of I T LLC" is the property insurance. Its team collects various technical information regarding insurance items, conducts service inspections (surveys) and, when necessary, a tender among insurance companies, a comparative analysis of insurance terms and expert examination of insurance agreements, brings into compliance the coverage terms and texts of insurance agreements with creditors of the clients, provides comprehensive support of agreements, advise and assistance in settling insurance cases.
The clients of a classic property insurance, mostly, include:
-      Food products and beverages producers
-      Office and business centers
-      Trading centers and networks
-      Storehouses and terminals
-      Hotels and restaurants
-      Telecommunications network companies
-      Manufactures of construction materials
-      Equipment manufactures
-      Manufactures of pharmaceutical products
Property insurance of the Insured against material damages in cases of damage or loss of property occurred as a result of one of the following events:
-      fire
-      lightning stroke
-      explosion
-      air craft crash
-      natural disasters (hurricane, squally wind, rainfall, hail, earthquake, flood, land slide and subsidence hazard, etc.)
-      damages occurred as a result of flood from water supply, sewage, heating and fire-extinguishing systems
-      malicious acts of the third persons
-      burglary, robbery
-      windows, mirrors, and show windows breaking
Sometimes All risks insurance coverage can be provided, in which case it cover any event, which brought in property damages, unless otherwise specified in the insurance contract.
Property insurance against terrorist acts and sabotage
This type of insurance has become popular due to increase of insurance cases abroad and appearance of representative offices of the western companies in Ukraine.
In most cases, the clients which require this type of insurance are the representative offices of the western companies or Ukrainian corporations, which are obliged to provide it according to relevant requirements of their western partners:
-      office and business centers
-      trading centers and networks
-      hotels and restaurants
-      banks
-      telecommunication companies
-      power stations
-      electronic and paper-based mass media
This type of coverage protects the Insured from the following risks:
-      sabotage
-      terrorist acts
-      riot
-      incitement
-      rebellion or coup d'etat (excluding war and civil war risks)
-      strikes and civil disorders.
Equipment insurance against breakage
This type of insurance is provided for light and heavy industries without exclusion.
-      companies of paper-and-pulp industry
-      power generating companies
-      oil refining companies
-      companies of chemical industry
-      metallurgical companies
-      companies of other industries connected with the application of technological equipment
This type of insurance is provided in the event of unforeseen physical damage occurred to equipment as a result of:
-      casting and materials defects
-      design faults
-      manufacture and installation faults
-      insufficient experiment and negligence of the employees
-      insufficient amount of water in boilers
-      explosion
-      breakage as a result of centrifugal force
-      short-circuit failure, etc.
Insurance against business disrupt
At the request of the Insured, the property insurance policy can be extended by the coverage against business disrupt.
This type of insurance coverage is provided against loss of the future revenues during the period of renovation or repair of the property insured under the insurance agreement after the occurrence of the insurance event, provided that this event disrupted the normal course of business activity of the Insured.
Only net profit and fixed expenditures, which were required to be continued during restoration, shall be reimbursed.
Construction and assembly risks insurance
Construction or / and assembly operations risks insurance protects, first of all, investors, since property developers / contractors bear all risks of incidental loss or damage of construction items in progress till the moment of their transfer to the Customer, and often they do not possess enough assets to compensate investors for damages.
Investors, general contractors or subcontractors during:
-      construction of commercial immovable property (office and business centers)
-      construction of trading and entertainment centers, hotels and restaurants
-      installation and assembly of power and telecommunication stations
-      installation and assembly of production facilities at companies of light and heavy industries
Insurance coverage is based on principle All risks, meaning that all the damages occurred within the period of validity of a policy shall be indemnified, unless otherwise specified under terms of insurance. Basic coverage includes physical material damages and third party civil liability insurance.
Insurance coverage can be extended or reduced by special provisions depending on the requirements of the Insured and the estimated risk.
Insurance can cover a particular project or open for several similar projects.
Cargo Insurance
With the active development of macro economical relations this type of insurance has become popular with manufactures, traders and logistic companies.
"I T LLC" possesses a considerable experience both in providing insurance for single cargo transportations and open annual policies for similar freights.
-      exporters and importers of finished products
-      local and international manufacturers
When providing cargo insurance, standard terms of transportation are applied. Depending on the requirements of the Insured, All risks or Named risks types of insurance can be provided. Insurance covers inland, water, and air transportations, from stock to stock with possible coverage of storage on transitional or base storehouses
Insurance covers:
-      physical loss or damage of cargo as a result of external forces
-      general incidental loss
-      legal and labour costs to reduce loss
Liability insurance
Third party liability insurance
-      food industry
-      trading-entertaining centers
-      office centers
-      hotels
-      companies of light and heavy industries

Civil liability insurance provides protection of the Inured from expenses incurred as a result of claims of the third parties. Insurance policies cover loss and legal costs related to the physical damage and loss inflicted by Insured to the third parties, and contractual liability. Insurance coverage can protect the Insured from the expenses related to the liability connected to its business activity at a certain location and / or production and providing services. This type of insurance can be extended by the coverage of an employers liability. This coverage protects the employer from claims of employees as a result of injury or illness of employees incurred as a result of and during their work for the Insured.
Liability insurance for quality of products and services
This type of insurance can be extended coverage for the third party liability insurance.
Mostly, the clients of this type of insurance in Ukraine include:
-      companies of food and beverages production industry
-      companies of service industry (for example, beauty shops, sport and fitness centers)
-      public health service organizations
-      manufactures of pharmaceutical products
-      manufactures of construction materials
-      companies of heavy engineering industry
-      electric power plants and power generating stations
Liability insurance of a manufacturer / distributor of goods or services protects the Insured from risks of physical or material damage to their consumers as a result of use goods or services of the Insured.
D&O Liability insurance of directors and top-managers of companies
This type of insurance became popular after national companies entered the western stock markets. The decisions taken by top-management and members of supervisory boards of the companies, and the decision-making process impact not only the success of the companies and careers of these people, but the consequences of such decisions result in the increase of number of legal proceedings against those persons. Such claims can be raised by share holders, employees, environmentalists, supervisory authorities, creditors, banks, Clients and suppliers. Financial consequences of legal proceedings against directors can be heavy, since liability exposure is unlimited, Besides, defense attorney fees can be extremely high. Time allowed for claims is five years, irregardless the positions occupied by these persons in the company.
Any large and average companies and organizations, including financial institutions. Directors responsible for merge, purchase or bankruptcy of companies are the most at risk to face such claims.
This type of insurance covers:
-      failure to perform obligations
-      breach of duty by executives
-      negligence
-      faults
-       false statements
-      breach of warranty
-       discrimination at work, offence or threat to employees
Liability of forwarders, shipping agents, store operators
This type of insurance protects forwarders, shipping agents, store operators from lawsuits initiated by their counterparts or the third parties regarding infliction of physical damage to their property, life or health.
-      logistic companies
companies of light and heavy industries, using services of internal forwarders, shipping agents, store operators
This type of insurance covers all liability exposures regarding:
-      obligations to counterparties under freight forwarding, shipping and storage services agreements, as a result of:
     full and partial cargo loss, damage or shortage
     delay in cargo delivery
     refund of customs fees, service fees, taxes and other mandatory charges, customs formalities in the event of full or partial cargo loss, damage or shortage
-      third party liability as a result of property damage, infliction of harm or injury to lives and health of the third parties by the cargo which is being forwarded or kept in the storehouse
-      with customs authorities:
regarding payment of import and export duties, taxes, fees, interest on arrears, which may be imposed on the Insured or warrantor during transportation, shipping and storage
regarding payment of money penalties, charged by the state customs authorities for breach of custom regulations and laws of relevant countries
-      with owners of storehouses for damage to the property during operation of a storehouse
-      with lessees of storehouses for the safe custody of the goods and damage of the goods
Insurance company will also compensate expenses for cargo forwarding to the correct address, if cargo was delivered to the wrong address as a result of an error in the shipping address, loss prevention or reduction costs (storage costs, overload, classifying, repacking, recycling of the damaged goods, additional transportation costs to the point of destination, surveyors, experts and average commissioners fees), costs for investigation of circumstances of the insurance event and representation of the Insured with the state authorities.
Other liabilities (Compulsory Insurance)
Compulsory insurance is provided depending on the requirements of the Insured and in accordance with the applicable Ukrainian legislation. There are some of the most common types of compulsory liability insurance, which include the following:
-      civil liability insurance for the damage, which might be incurred as a result of fire and failure events in locations with hazardous environment, such as fire and explosion hazardous environment, which may lead to the incidents, negative environmental and sanitary-epidemiological consequences
-      liability insurance of shipper with hazardous cargo
-      liability insurance during store handling and usage of pesticide and agricultural chemicals
-      others
Motor vehicle insurance
Casco Insurance 
The main criteria of work quality assessment is a harmonious settlement of insurance events. "I T LLC" provides advice for drivers, when an insurance event occurs, assists in registration of documents, controls timely payment of indemnity installments by insurance companies.
In addition to coverage of loss related to the damage of a vehicle, this type of insurance sometimes extends to vehicle pickup costs and technical expert examination.
Car parking lots of corporate clients, which require property insurance and/or civil liability insurance or personal motor vehicles of company owners and top-managers.
This type motor of transport insurance covers loss associated with damage car body and its parts as a result of:
-      road traffic accident
-      fire, explosion, stroke of lightning
-      acts of God (windstorm, storm, hurricane, rainfall, hail, earthquake, mudflow, rockfall, landslide, high water, flood)
-      collision with animals
-      falling objects upon motor vehicles
-      auto theft, theft, robbery, plundering
-      malicious acts of the third persons
Auto Liability Insurance
In Ukraine, this type of insurance can be voluntary and compulsory. The terms of the obligatory insurance are regulated by the Law of Ukraine On compulsory civil liability insurance of owners of land transport vehicles No.19-61-IV dated 01.07.2004 with relevant amendments and alterations. Voluntary insurance often can supplement the compulsory insurance to assure maximum protection of the Insured.
Car parking lots of corporate clients, which require property insurance and/or civil liability insurance or private motor vehicles of the owners top-managers of companies.
This type of insurance provides compensation to the affected third party or its legal successor cash indemnity to the amount charged to the insured owner of a vehicle at the civil in favor of the third parties in the event of permanent injury or death, or damage or loss of their property occurred through the fault of the Insured as a result of a road traffic accident. This type of insurance also covers the events occurred on the territory of other countries, if a civil liability insurance agreement is signed by the owner of a vehicle before traveling abroad (the Green Card).
Insurance indemnity may include compensation for material damage, medical services costs, vehicle transportation/pickup costs of the third persons from the place of a road traffic accident, moral damage in accordance with a court ruling.
Personal Insurance
Regarding this type of insurance, "I T LLC" provides services in two directions:
-      development of a package of social insurance for employees of corporate clients
-      providing consultations in personal insurance of the owners and top-managers of companies
Incident insurance
Incident is any kind of unforeseen event, which does not depend on will and acts of the Insured and which resulted in the damage to his life and health.
Additionally, terrorist acts and robbery risks can be covered by this insurance.
Incident insurance allows family members protect themselves from the loss of the wage-earner. The purpose of the incident corporation insurance for the Insured is to protect business partners from the loss of a key partner, a high quality manager or a key technical specialist, and for an employer is to create additional motivating factors for the employees.
Besides, an incident insurance policy is an important component of the complex of measures for creation of the insurance fund for unforeseen medical services costs. A standard insurance policy is valid for 24 hours 365 days per year all over the world.
An incident, which led to:
-      death
-      total disability or 1st group disability
-      partial disability
-      burn and crushing injuries
Besides compensation for the insurance event, this program may include payment of medical services costs and surgical intervention as per sickness certificate.
Medical Insurance
The expenses of the company due to the absence at work of key employees, who have treatable illness, may result in rather big shortage of resources. And if a key employee leaves his work due to the insufficient motivation, it may result in extra expenses to find a new one.

Medical expense insurance for employees may be considered one of the methods, which can reduce the number of employees absent from work due to illness and increase work efficiency. When a personal insurance is applied, the main objective is to create the insurance fund for medical services costs.
"I T LLC" develops insurance programs, which fit individual requirements of the Insured persons and of the budget of the employers.
Medical insurance policy covers the following basic programs:
-      outpatient polyclinic assistance
-      medicamental support 
-      hospitalization and in-patient treatment
-      emergency medical services
-      dental care
Basic coverage can be extended by additional programs of coverage of diseases typically excluded (such as diabetes, tuberculosis), protective vitamin treatment, vaccination against influenza, massotherapy etc.
Travel insurance for traveling abroad  
Insurance for traveling abroad provides maximum coverage against all possible risks beyond borders of Ukraine all over the world for 24 hours. Insurance policy can be provided for one year or for one trip. The policy covers medical services costs, other services and support in any country of the world
Insurance policy may cover some of the following insurance risks:
-      accidental death  
-      permanent incapacity for work or handicap
-      hospital expenses
-      crushing and burn injuries
-      medical expenses abroad
-       emergency dental care
-       medical repatriation
-        body repatriation
-      burial expenses
-      delay in delivery or loss of a passenger's personal property
-      trip cancellation or disrupting
-      payment for hotel for family members
-      payment for staying in hotel for extra time
-      payment for family members trip
-      payment for replacement of the insured person
-      payment for children evacuation
-      documents loss
-      personal liability
-      legal support after motor vehicle accidents
-      loan for a bail after motor vehicle accidents  
  Accrued life insurance 
Life insurance may be considered as creation of the guaranteed financial future for children, recovery of the guaranteed amount after reaching a certain age (for example, for extra pension) and protection of the family in the event of the loss of the wage-earner during the validity of the insurance agreement.
Life insurance allows to receive a certain amount of money after a certain period of time by:
-      making regular and regulated annual installments to the nongovernmental insurance fund during the whole period of validity of the contract
-      financial protection of the family members from the disrupt of the program due to the undesired events (incapacity for work, loss of wage-earner)
-      protection of the savings from inflation and devaluation
Advantages in comparison with bank deposits:
-      motivation to complete accrual  till a certain deadline  
-      The Insured is able to control his fund (indexation, possibility to increase the insurance amount)
-      In accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, over 85% of the profit insurance companies is given to the Insured (over 4% of the guaranteed revenue on insurance premiums of the Clients)
-      In the event of disability or death of the Insured, the insurance company continues to pay insurance premium for him or his family members
-      prompt payment in case of death as a result of any reason or disability  
Additional benefits:
-      Insurance program
-  use as a credit mortgage, sale (bail) in a certain period of time
-  crediting from the Underwriter in amount of payment from the 4th year of insurance
-  reduction of income tax by 15% of insurance payment
-  annual payments up to 6.000 UAH for each employee can be treated as gross incomes of the company
Insurance events are the events, when payment is made, for example:
-      if the Insured reaches the age specified in the insurance policy
-      death of the Insured as a result of natural causes, disease or incident
-      work incapacity of the Insured as a result of natural causes, disease or incident
-      exemption of the payment of premium / payment in the event of complete and permanent disability of the Insured or complete and permanent disability / death of his parent (if the Insured is a child)
Period of cover minimum 10 years
Minimum age of the Insured / of the Insured person 18 years old
Maximum age of the Insured / of the Insured person 60 years old
Minimum age of the Insured child from the moment of birth 
Maximum age of the Insured child 17 years old
Minimum amount of the annual insurance premium 1 500 UAH.
Maximum amount of the annual insurance premium unlimited
The insurance payment paid by the Insured is divided into 4 parts:
-  accruing payment (70-80%), which, provided 4% of income guaranteed by the insurance company, let you have an amount approximately as big as your aggregate payments at the end of the contract validity
-  accident insurance payment
-  death insurance on any reason
-  payment for the program to release from annual fee  because of disability or death.
Personal property insurance
Such insurance protects owners of private apartments or houses from material losses. Alongside with direct loss compensation, this program can also include additional costs coverage on claims of third parties for their property and/or life damage, liability to the neighbors for their damage, expenses for demolition of a damaged building and garbage disposal, temporal rental of accommodation, new installation of locks.
Protection of property interests of the Insured presumes coverage of such risks:
-  fire
-  lightning stroke
-  explosion
-  fall of a piloted aircraft
-  natural catastrophes (hurricane, squally wind, shower rain, hail, earthquake, flood, land subsidence and shift, etc.)
-  damage from ducts, canalization and heating water systems
-  obstructive practices of third parties
-  burgling, robbery
The policy will cover:
-  market value of an apartment or cost of a house building
-  cost of finishing works
-  cost of content (furniture, utensils, clothes, sports equipment, etc.).
Other types of insurance
Insurance of financial risks of the Clients
-      exporters and importers of products / services
-      companies of light and heavy industries, service industry
The insurance risks are as follows:
-      failure to perform (improper performance) of their obligations by the counterparties of the Insured under contracts of sale for raw products, material, equipment, goods as a result of:
o        incident or disaster at the place of performing obligations
o        fire
o        acts of God
o        wrongful acts of the third persons, including theft, plundering, swindling, fraud
o        bankruptcy of the counterparty
o        inadvertent change of the market conditions
o        decrease of the production and sale quantities
o        internal planning errors, arrangement of production and sale, marketing strategy
-      failure to meet terms and conditions by the counterparty regarding financial obligations under the contract between the Insured and the counterparty
-      failure to meet time schedules for installation and adjustment of machinery and equipment, work performance by the counterparties of the Insured under relevant contracts between the Insured and the counterparty
-      failure to meet the contractual financial obligations to the exporter by foreign buyers and banks or failure to meet obligations by the Seller to the importer against transferred advance payment as a result of:
o        insolvency and/or bankruptcy
o        long-term delay in payment or refuse to pay
o        failure to return advance payment in the event of non-delivery as a result of insolvency (bankruptcy)
o        long-term delay in back payment in the event of non-delivery of paid goods and/or services
-      failure to perform export / import contract of the Insured, if the foreign counterparty is a public state legal entity or the contract is entered with a company located in the country with unstable economy as a result of:
     inconvertibility of the national currency of the Buyers country
     failure or delay in currency settlements  
     non-renewal or withdrawal of an import license of the foreign Buyer
     moratorium for payments
     disappropriation (forfeit, nationalization, expropriation)
-      failure to accomplish planned quantity of production of goods, volume of rendered services, work performance, as well as exceeding of the planned expenses for operation, production turnover, expenditure rates of materials, cost estimates as a result of suspension of production process as a result of acts of God, fire, incident, break-down of equipment or machinery.
Title Insurance
-      users of commercial real estate   
-      developers of land plots
This type of insurance covers unforeseen risks related to loss of title (to residential and non-residential real estate, land ownership) as a result of voidance of sales contract due to the following grounds:
-      sales contract is not in conformity with the applicable laws
-      sales contract is concluded with breach of notarization requirements
-      sales contract is not in compliance with public order
-      sales contract does not intend to assure relevant legal consequences
-      sales contract was entered for the purpose of achieving a hidden benefit
-      either party of the contract is a legally incapable person
-      either party of the contract is an underaged legally incapable person    
-      either party of the contract is an individual with a limited civil liability
-      either party of the contract is a legally capable person, who at the moment of signature of he contract did not realize the significance of his actions and/or could not control them
-      either party of the contract is a legal entity, which has no right to enter such contract
-      if either party signed a contract   under  fraud, violence, or hard circumstances
-      if the contract was signed as a result of malicious arrangement of the parties
-      if the documents related to the contract and confirming the title and other proprietary rights contain errors
-      if a contract is for the property item, which cannot be transferred as a private property, the title and / or and other property rights to which cannot be obtained from the person, due to the fact that such a person has no legal right and / or contractual basis to dispose this property.
-      if contract is entered with the person, who has no title to this property
-      if a contract concerns the real estate property under custody, pledge
-      as a result of gross carelessness of an agent (a realtor) during expert examination of the title  to this property
-      in the event of a breach in the process of privatization
-      in the event of a breach of requirements, terms and form of transactions  on the part of the state registration bodies  (Bureau of technical inventory, bodies of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine), notaries, realtors
If an insurance event occurred, the Insurance company will compensate the Insured the cost of   the immovable property, the title to which  was lost in accordance of a court ruling, and legal costs.
Agricultural Insurance
This type of insurance protects owners of planted area from shortage in the planned crop production and seeds loss in the event of their destruction, and protects the owners of farms from risk of death of livestock and poultry.
-      owners of farms 
-      producers of  food products and beverages
Agricultural risks covered by this type of insurance include:
-      ground frost, icing up, frost-killing
-      fire, stroke of lightning
-      earthquake
-      avalanche
-      land slide and subsidence, mud-and-stone landslide
-      hail, windstorm, hurricane, snowstorm
-      rainfall, high water, flood
-      drought or land dehydration, which are subject to obligatory irrigation
-      epiphytotic development of plant disease
-      epiphytotic reproduction of plant pests
-      damage by insects, birds, rodents
-      recrudescence of plants as a result of the abovementioned events
-      wrongful acts of the third persons, including robbery, ruffian acts, destruction of greenhouses, glasshouses, orchard-houses
-      other adverse weather conditions, which prevent plant vegetation renewal
Credit risk insurance
-      banks other financial organizations
Loss of property / valuables transferred for temporary use by the Insured to the borrower in accordance with the terms of the contract, as a result of:
-      wrong assessment and loan security and profitability analysis
-      malversation, gross carelessness or nonprofessional treatment of  executives of the Insured regarding the credit arrangement transactions
-      bankruptcy, suspension or liquidation of a borrower
-      imporoper use of loan by a borrower
-      ecomonic and political instability in the country, which can result in bankruptcy of the borrower 
-      malversation of the borrowers executives
-      Insurance against plastic bank cards fraud
Banks, as the owners, and issuers of cards are in risk to cards fraud and consequent loss can exceed many millions of hryvnia per year.
-      National and foreign banking  organizations
Bank cards insurance covers debets, as a result of misappropriation of lost or stolen bank cards issued by the bank or forgery of bank cards with the following use by the person, who has no right to use. Insurance is valid from the moment of registration of the card in the bank stop-list.
Additionally, reasonable legal costs can be covered, if the costs are connected with the recourse proceedings against the third persons.
Other types of insurance
Other types of insurance required less by he Ukrainian companies include compulsory types of insurance, depending on the specific character of activity of the companies, such a:
-      compulsory insurance of members of voluntary fire brigades
-      compulsory insurance of drivers against traffic accidents
-      compulsory insurance of means of water transportation
and voluntary types, such as:
-      comprehensive banking insurance
-      professional liability insurance
-      electronic equipment insurance
-      investors risk insurance
-      political risk insurance
-      other types of insurance
When entering insurance agreement, "I T LLC" prepares all required documents, provides support regarding entered agreements till their prolongation, and when an insurance event occurs, participates in preparation/collection and execution of all required documents till the moment of payment of insurance compensation.
Our relations with the clients are based on the principles of implicit confidence, mutual understanding, confidentiality and strict adherence of employees of the companies to the local and international Codes of Ethics.

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