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Purpose of Valuation

Depends on the circumstances, which made it necessary, and the goals to be achieved as a result of valuation. At the same time, the value of the valuation unit can vary depending on the valuation goals; therefore, its value is determined by different methods.

Credit obtainment

Appraisal of property in order to obtain a loan secured by lien on the Companys property and to settle disagreement between the creditor and the borrower regarding the value of the lien.


For a long time, the Government has been the biggest owner of real estate. During privatization a public company is transformed into a private joint stock company . 


As experience shows, assessment of the insured value of property and extent of damage can be made either by an independent appraiser, or by an insurance company. However, in the latter case, in spite of particular advantages, specific issues might arise.

Transfer of property to the Authorized capital

Not only cash, but also any property can be transferred to the authorized capital. Representation of this transaction in the business accounting and in the tax accounting process of the transferer and transferee is characterized by certain peculiarities.

Conduction of Transactions

Transactions are the acts conducted by individuals or legal entities to establish, alter, or terminate civil rights and obligations in the process of trade and barter of goods, provision of services, information, results of intellectual activity.

Assignment of proprietary rights

Assignment of proprietary rights is a legally executed instrument of purchase and sale, barter, deed of gift, deed of inheritance, deed of attachment. Assignment of proprietary rights is always the result of any transaction or, in general, of any legal relations.

Optimization of the taxable base

Recognition and appraisal of real estates at their market value will considerable simplify the work in the fields related to taxation, such as insurance, mortgage lending, development of other instruments for financing investment projects.


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